Attendance Policy

More often than not, students’ schedules are packed to the brim, and Chenard Voice Studio recognizes and honors the commitment of precious time and finances that students and families make for voice instruction. It is understood that even the most disciplined student may have to miss a lesson due to family commitments or special events. This understanding is tempered with a firm belief that regular attendance is not only necessary to reap the full benefit of vocal instruction, but necessary for the studio to remain viable.  Erin will make every attempt to be flexible in accommodating students’ musical and academic commitments, however with weekly teaching and singing engagements in towns across the state, flexibility is limited.

Missed Lessons: One planned absence may be worked into each semester and will be made up if a mutually agreeable time can be found. A planned absence means a student has an audition or a family trip and notifies the studio when scheduling lessons for the semester or at least one week in advance.  Illness: One absence for illness may be made up if a mutually agreeable time can be found. No-shows will not be made up, and there will be no make-ups for lessons cancelled by the student with less than 24 hours’ notice.  Lessons missed by the instructor will be made up at a mutually agreeable time.

A Note about Sick Days: Since make-up lessons are difficult and costly, if you feel well enough to come to your lesson but cannot sing, please come! There is always something to be gained from working on non-singing musicianship skills such as music reading, rhythm practice, ear-training, memorization and learning new repertoire. If you are feeling truly ill however, please stay home.